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As well as ladies and gents hairdressing Roots other services include

The Beauty room is available to rent - interested ? call Sue at Roots 01545 570909

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Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Spiritual Aromatherapy .


Jill Sampson

Telephone: 01545 570909/01970 625874

Each treatment is tailored to the specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual, therefore offering holistictherapies

Today, many people lead busy, stressful lives; this stress often manifests itself in the body as disease. The word disease, when broken down, is 'dis ease', therefore if people are not 'at ease' with themselves, physical symptoms will often appear.

treatment of any of the therapies listed can help to alleviate stress

and emotional problems. The body, therefore, begins to heal itself

and harmony and peace to the individual is restored. Physical

symptoms will then often disappear.

Specialising in the treatment of stress related conditions , including anxiety and depression, Jill also has an interest in treating clients on a spiritual level.

is carried out (with the exception of Reiki, where there are only a

few questions). This enables a full picture of each individual's

needs to be established. After treatment, home


Each initial consultation costs £40, with the exception of Reiki, which

is £35; each treatment thereafter costs £35. Spiritual

Aromatherapy costs an additional £5.

Cancellation fee

Please note that appointments broken without cancellation deprive anotherclient of treatment. Therefore, please give at least 24 hours

advance notice if you cannot attend, otherwise a cancellation fee of

£35 applies.

If you wish to book an appointment please telephone Roots Salon on 01545

570909 or Jill on 01970 625874


Ian Shires - Massage therapy

Remedial & sports massage.

Treating sports injuries and everyday aches & pains.

For Appointments call 07985948609 or Root Salon 01545-570909


Therapy Treatment rooms available to rent or on a percentage basis for acupuncture,osteopathy, homeopathy, reflexology, etc.


Andy Chittock - Photographer

Weddings & family portraits.




Roots Salon

Water Street, Aberaeron,

Ceredigion SA46 0DG

Phone 01545-570909